Cultivating client success

Our legal expertise and client relationships grow organically

Since 1996 WH Parsons & Associates have flourished, across a wide array of legal sectors, exclusively through word of mouth. We are unapologetically committed to protecting our clients’ interests.

Small litigation practice

Big heart

  • We don’t have harbour views.
  • Our team don’t work from dusk till dawn.
  • And we don’t charge in 5 minute units.

To us, a shameless commitment to legal ethics and fighting for our clients (whatever their size) are paramount. We are not afraid to punch above our weight yet we do not consider ‘the other side’ our enemies. Our team aren’t just workers. They are family. Our perseverance is our strength.

Mastered expertise in a

multitude of practice areas

Our promise to you

Honesty, dedication and fair outcomes

Our ability to work in different areas of law provide us with a competitive advantage in providing a more comprehensive and integrated legal service.

It’s not just about the law. We are interested in what motivates you, your perspective and what you see as the challenge. All of this helps us understand your case but more importantly, assists us in achieving a more positive outcome for you.

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